Jeep Trail to the Nebrodi sunset

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PartenzaDeparture from: Cefalù

PeriodoScheduling:from April to October


DurataDuration:5 Ore

ADRates Adults € 68.00 € 61.20

CHRates Children € 47.00 € 42.30

INFRates Infant Free

Info / Availability

At the moment this activity is not available. Contact us for info and availability.

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Amazing excursion to see the sun set on the Eolian Islands and the Madonie.

Amazing excursion to see the sun set on the Eolian Islands and the Madonie. 

Departure from Cefalù at 17.30 towards the Parco dei Nebrodi along country roads passing Bosco di Tardara to reach a panoramic view point to admire the sunset. 

The excursion continues through the woods to a chalet where a rich, tasty BBQ of local meats and fresh fish await you. 

Just tome to enjoy the view and relax then a exciting return to Cefalù at night with the possibility of glimpsing  wild animals.


*The management reserves to cancel the excursion in case of bad weather conditions and it will be postponed to the next 24 hours. 
*Free cancellation within 24h.


Diner drinks, photografic service and pick up and drop.


Everything that is not specified above